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Are you thinking to introduce your Islamic religion to your children and are exhausted in finding the way? Let me tell you some interesting ways to introduce your Islamic religion to the children. 

Get your kids to find Allah's names by printing them out from this website. Keep the names off the ground and choose clean places. You can play this game regularly and focus on different names each time.

No need to stop teaching Qur'an lessons just because summer is here! These activities will add some creativity to your Qur'an sessions:


4 Powerful Ways to Enhance & Beautify Your Du’as

One of the most integral components of Islam is du'a (supplication). According to Islam, each individual has a direct relationship with Allah, and supplication is the means of communicating with Him.

Our Role Model: A Mercy to All Mankind

If you don't know who delivered Allah SWT's divine revelation to humankind, how can you love the religion of Islam? 

Cure Of Anxiety and Depression In Islam

People of wisdom acknowledge that a spiritual void and various pressures of everyday life contribute to psychological disorders, especially anxiety and depression.

Rediscovering Yourself In Times of Uncertainty

When dealing with a pandemic like Coronavirus, it can be extremely difficult to cope. Even those without previous mental health issues are experiencing overwhelmed, anxiety, and depression.

What Does It Mean To Be A Muslim

While jurisprudential answers exist to the question of who is a Muslim, they only provide a criterion used to settle issues in Islamic law, such as inheritance, without regard to one's true beliefs or allegiances.


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