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We are blessed to have these different masajid and communities in the SWFL area


InshaaAllah we plan to have Fajr and Isha prayers and Jummah prayer this week at our Masjid Ibrahim in a limited capacity with restrictions in line with CDC guidelines. This is for this week only, we will decide about how to move forward next week based on the experience of this week. We will live stream Jummah on zoom (zoom link below) and our new Facebook page: Here are some information and restrictions

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The Islamic Center of Naples is the first and only Muslim community in Naples, Florida. Our community’s history is a reflection of the growth and dedication of our congregation.

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Bonita Springs Islamic center was started in 2011 in some office spaces rented in old 41, near Bonita Springs Charter School. The landlord refused to extend the lease and the community purchased the current land and added two double-wide trailers to offer Jumma prayers.

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Masjid Quba is an Islamic Center located in Cape Coral, Florida. As a mosque and community center, the Masjid Quba serves the Muslim community through worship, prayer, and bringing Muslims together. We welcome you to worship and pray with us!

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To be a model community in the broadest sense, not leaving anything of value out. A community which is balanced, witnessing to all people, a community that God establishes, approves of, and supports

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Masjid in Port Charolette has great reviews in Google by the people who have attended it.


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