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Recitation of the Quran

One-on-one instruction is similar to the Memorization Program. This program, however, allows the reciter to read from the Mushaf. 

on, you can prove that you can recite the Qur'an correctly, as Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught us by implementing and mastering all of Ahkam Al-Tajweed.

Importance of Recitation of the Quran

For those who take inspiration from the Holy Quran, it is a book of guidance and a sea of knowledge. Having been revealed by God to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), it contains historical parables, jurisprudential information, honest advice, and values that should be incorporated into our lives. If we purify our hearts, we have more potential to learn from the Quran's guidance and knowledge, irrespective of creed, identity, culture, age, or gender.

Etiquette Teaching While Reciting Quran

Our most valuable book is the book of God. Our responsibility is to give it the respect it deserves and follow the advice of the Ahl al-Bayt (pbut) when we intend to recite it. We highly recommend performing wudhu (or ablution) before touching the holy Quran, since ablution cleanses our physical bodies and makes us spiritually aware that we are entering into worship. “Only purified ones should touch it.” Furthermore, we should sit in the direction of the Qiblah (the direction of the Holy Kabah), another physical demonstration of our submission to God.

Ways To Recite Holly’s Quran

In reciting the Quran, it is essential to recognize that it contains the best and most beautiful words, so we should do so in the most beautiful manner. When reciting God's word, we should use our best voice.

The voice should not be very faint or screamed. In a powerful narration, Imam Ali (p) warns us to “Recite the Quran with a distinct tone.

 God says, “Recite it [the Quran] clearly, and do not cut it like hair (or do not read it as poetry), and do not scatter it like sand (or do not read it as prose). You shouldn’t think about finishing the Quran Pak Fastly. 

Benefits From Quran:

We should remain silent while reciting the Holy Quran and listen to God's words. According to God, "Listen to the Quran quietly whenever it is recited to you so that you may receive mercy from it."

When the Holy Quran is read at home, it can fill one's home with light.

If we have knowledge of the Holy Quran, whether we know the meaning of the verses or have memorized a few verses, we should teach it to others, especially our children.