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Planned Features

What features do we have planned for this website?

  • Being the only social media site dedicated to the Southwest Florida Muslim community is only the start of our project, bi ithnAllah. We will be adding other regions in the state like Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, etc. We will also add other states around the US and Canada for now. You can be a member of more than one community.
  • We will be adding an “Events” area where each community can post what's going on in their mosque or area. Now you will be able to come to ONE place and see all the events and happenings where you an take your family to. You can join the organizers and leave your feedback.
  • We will add a marketplace where you an buy and sell your products. You may also use our escrow service to help facilitate the transactions.
  • The crowning achievement of this website will be the planned Arbitration Council, In Sha Allah. Right now, if you have a disagreement with a fellow Muslim, what are your options? Fight it out? Sue in court? Argue and tell people about it? All not good options. How about if you could take your issue to an arbitration council to help you resolve your issues? We will build an entire process around this effort, with the intention of earning Allah's blessings.