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We want YOU to help us

  • Every community is made up of people just like you. Even giant organizations like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Ebay are only platforms. The real power comes from its users. Our ummah draws its power from what Allah ta 'Ala has placed in each of us. Many of us have talents that are hidden, ignored or overlooked. Don't be shy. Reach out and see how you can help.



There are many ways you can be of help to this website and our ummah.


Share Responsibly

  • is a family-friendly website looking to unite the various Muslim communities in your area. There will be children, adults, and impressionable people. Most importantly, Allah ta ‘Ala is always watching. What you share will be alive online, but more so in the hereafter. Allah ta 'Ala says in the Quran 
    which is translated as “O believers! Be mindful of Allah, and say what is right.”


Report Inappropriate Content

  • Call out bad behavior and help make things safe for everyone


Moderate Content

  • Volunteer to review the reported content and take action on it.
  • As a content moderator, you will be able to remove reported content if it is disrespectful or inappropriate according to Islam. Be judicious with your powers. Do not abuse the privilege.

Content Contributor 

  • We need journalists, reporters, event organizers, promoters, proofreaders, quality checkers, and helpers. As a content contributor, you can write blog articles and enter events that are happening in your communities. If you have passion and talent, join us to volunteer by sending us a message.