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Rediscovering Yourself In Times of Uncertainty

When dealing with a pandemic like Coronavirus, it can be extremely difficult to cope. Even those without previous mental health issues are experiencing overwhelmed, anxiety, and depression.

However, it is extremely difficult for those who already struggled with mental health before this pandemic.

Life is full of ups and downs. Some suffer extreme challenges, which can result in heavy trauma, and others go through phases of change, loss, gain, etc. My tongue feels too heavy to utter such a statement. When I map out this statement in my head and mentally note what comes to mind, I would come up with more negative responses, thoughts, and ideas. 'Losing yourself' has a negative connotation.

Having lost your true self and never being able to return to it doesn't hold much hope. I want to share with you something I started doing to shift my perspective. Consider saying, 'I am rediscovering myself' instead of 'I am losing myself.'

We would be attracted to the latter statement if these statements were objects placed in front of us. There seems to be some interesting psychology behind this as if you're training yourself to think more positively about where you are. As opposed to 'losing myself,' which, as I stated, brings little or no hope, 'rediscovering yourself' brings hope in embarking on a growth journey and finding many gems along the way. The truth is, we are still there. We are all strangers and travelers in this world, discovering ourselves through countless beautiful means. By becoming the best possible versions of ourselves, we fulfill our destiny written before creation was even created.

If you feel like you have no direction, are struggling with your purpose, have been dealing with any conscious or subconscious struggles, or are carrying any past or present pain, here are some tips on how to 'rediscover yourself'.