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Why You Should Stop Making Islam Difficult Upon Yourself

Many youths hold misconceptions about Islam and see it as a rigid/extreme religion and think it’s a difficult religion to practice. 

Due to this many youths shrink away from Islam in their teens or early adulthood and abandoned it altogether.

According to Abu Hurairah, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Religion is very easy, and anyone who burdens himself in it will not be able to continue." In other words, you should not be extremists but strive for perfection and gain strength by praying in the mornings; the afternoon is quite a bit to unpack from this hadith, and we'll discuss four main points that emerge from it. However, we should remember not to overburden ourselves, go to extremes, or expect perfection from our religion and to take care only to stay within our boundaries. We are advised by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to do our best, keep our hopes in Allah, and pray to gain strength.

It is important to remember that making our religion easy does not mean that we will become lazy in our practice of Islam or that we will not improve ourselves. To make our religion easy, we must not become lax or too extreme in how we worship Allah, fulfill our social obligations, or try to grow as Muslims. It would be better to find a middle ground between how we live and practice our religion.