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99 Names Hunt- To Remember Them Allah’s Names

Get your kids to find Allah's names by printing them out from this website. Keep the names off the ground and choose clean places. You can play this game regularly and focus on different names each time.

To make the game more challenging for older children, say the English name and your child must find the Arabic translation or vice versa. Using this activity, students can discuss the many amazing qualities and attributes of their Creator. 

Allah created Nature Study

Take your kids for nature walks and help them create a scrapbook of all the beautiful things Allah (SWT) has created. The children can press flowers or leaves into their books, draw sketches of animals, go birdwatching or collect minibeast specimens! Little explorers will love this bug catcher kit!

It is a wonderfully interactive way to discuss the purpose and perfection of each thing that Allah has created. When bees collect nectar from flowers, your kids will learn how different creations work together! Check out these posts if you'd like to make Nature Study a regular part of your homeschool.

Feelings Wheel

This activity aims to help your kids develop their personal connection with Allah (SWT). They can use the feelings wheel to recognize Allah as their Lord when they are sad, angry, sick, or happy. They will learn Allah's names and attributes and have healthy emotional discussions.