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Islamic Short Stories For Kids

Are you thinking to introduce your Islamic religion to your children and are exhausted in finding the way? Let me tell you some interesting ways to introduce your Islamic religion to the children. 

 It is the perfect way to introduce children to wonderful role models by studying the prophets. As Muharram approaches, why not focus on Musa's amazing stories? Build A Boat 

Build a boat to stretch your S.T.E.M muscles! Musa's mother placed him in a basket as a baby and floated him along the river. Use these ideas to build a sturdy boat or basket. If the weather permits, take your models to a lake, river, or stream nearby and see how seaworthy they are! 

Red Sea Study 

The Red Sea is integral to learning about the Prophet Musa (AS). Musa splitting the sea to escape the evil Pharaoh has all the ingredients for an engaging story for children! 

The study of the Red Sea, however, can help your children understand the truth of the story. For your children, knowing the sea exists will upgrade this story from exciting to mind-blowing.

Create a map of the Red Sea with your kids by having them draw, color, or label it. Putting together a geography presentation would be a great next step!

Storytime with Seerah

The result will be your kids going to bed happy, fulfilled, and oh-so-tired! A bedtime story about the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) will soothe them to sleep. Every night, end on a cliffhanger! 

Your kids will eagerly await the next installment the following night. Enjoy the beautiful stories from the final messenger's life together as you snuggle up in bed. Any Islamic library for kids should have this book from Leila Azzam.